Within the Daily Feelz Community, you will be presented with a great number of testimonials.

The spirit of these testimonials is that we love to celebrate our Three-Part Breath™ breathers.

We love to provide them with the opportunity to live as an inspiration within the life of another, and we like to playback their testimonial to them so they can witness themselves speak of their awakening.

Celebrating our Three-Part Breath™ breathers is where they are vulnerable, expressing what is important to them, and we do not provide them to the community in any way for critiquing or projected judgment.

Our testimonials have been captured during the past twenty years, from the Breathnazium in MN to the workshops in Santa Cruz, CA, and document our participants’ journey through their unique and inspiring transformations. Learn more about our testimonials on our YouTube page

We hope that you enjoy them and that you will join us in celebration of their lives.

Written by Genie O’Malley

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