Meditation Breathing: The Three-Part Breath

The Three-Part Breath™ is unique to regular breathing because it is what we have developed as the Three-Part Breath™.

When you practice the breath pattern, you are engaging three aspects of consciousness, the moment (body/mind), the soul, the unconscious.

This Three-Part Breath™ pattern assists you to a make spiritual transformation, that would be otherwise a choice within the mind.

Life gets us to a point where we need to go beyond where the mind wants us to go, into an inner calling for a higher experience.

The grace of the Living Breath Process™ – the ‘gift’ is the breath combined with various word combination sequences that have been developed for the past 21 years. These word combinations are known as the Language of Love™.

The Living Breath Process is the opposite of what mainly exists within the self development market today.

Here is how!

The process takes you beyond the limitations of the mind.

The process will not teach the mind to become spiritual qualities, but you will awaken the qualities and become the spiritual being.

The process introduces you to the negative mind which allows you to move into the higher mind.

The process engages a rhythmic breath that breathes faster than the negative mind and incorporates union within mind/body, soul and life from the first breath.

You will not disassociate during the process.

Because you are being breathed into the higher mind, you cannot have a negative experience within the negative mind because you are moving away from trauma, grief, anxiety and fear, not moving into it.

The change happens because you sat down and practiced the technique laid out in the manner that it has been provided, therefore, the awareness just comes and you do not try to mentally find it.

You become wisdom and not the witness of it.

Living as wisdom, not moments of it.

The Three-Part Breath™ pattern practiced in the manner it is shown within the Daily Feelz, using the tools that are provided with the breath, are considered safe.

Because Genie O’Malley is the founder of this specific technique, we do not encourage any experimentation of the technique for the reasons that we wish you to have a safe, productive and fulfilling experience.

Let the 3-Part Breath™ awaken your life to love through this unique revolutionary process, what we call the ‘Living Breath Process’.

Written by Genie O’Malley

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