Emotional Wellness: The Soul’s Awareness

When using the Three-Part Breath™, we refer to the soul as awareness. Believing that the soul engages in life through the five senses.

Moving into the higher mind and negative mind, not by choice but through breath and sound.

We believe that when the soul engages in the awareness of the negative mind, that it will not say to you, “Time to change!” because it does not judge who you are.

This being said, what seeks change is the rational mind.

It either seeks change through experiences that are pressing down upon it, or it identifies a higher mind sign within life that intrigues it into a change of direction.

Once the rational mind engages with the potential of a greater experience, it will slowly chaperone the soul into the higher mind through education, books, workshops, faith, and various higher mind experiences.

The beauty of the Three-Part Breath™ is that the technique moves the soul through sound and breath into the higher mind. The mind cannot move the soul effectively because it is made up of a combination of a negative mind, a higher mind, and a rational mind.

If we break it down, this is how it looks: the higher mind does not seek to change life, just experience it.

So it will not say, “I AM imperfect and need to fix myself.”

The negative mind does not believe in the higher mind, therefore, it attempts to keep you out of the experience and awareness of the higher mind by engaging the rational mind.

The rational mind cannot change because there is nothing to change. It is just the vehicle to bring current thought into reality, into this moment.

Therefore we say true awakening has to be an experience.

Like most of us agree, if we are here to experience life, then we might as well experience it from the perspective of the higher mind which is an awakened state of consciousness.

Now you may ask, “How do I get the soul to become aware of the higher mind?” Simple, we breathe it there. How do we get life to be an experience of a higher mind? Simple, breathe the positive mind present within the brain.

The Living Breath Process™ awakens a state of being where you do not heal individual negative issues, but you become awakened to love, and within this love, there can be a limited experience of negativity.

Engage the soul in wisdom,

the brain in within positive mind, 

the physical body in higher mind breath,



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Written  by Genie O’Malley

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