Relationship to Self-Love

Awakening. Wisdom. Breathe. Relationship to self-love. Self-love is about touching, honoring, and celebrating life in form as you the essence of self. Love is what connects us to all life, or in the absence of self-love disconnects us from all life. Within the essence and expression of self-love, we are one with what preserves love, within the thoughts, words, and actions of each moment. Within self-love, we are one with the earth and her divine radiant potential. Feeling her beauty within us as an opportunity to honor our own. Touching her soil, her ground as our bodies and honoring her resources and spirit of nature as our minds. As within the earth is a presence and energy that allows us to feel that we are supported, that we are home, that we are residing upon the earth as one mind in union together.

Expressing Self-Love

It is within this one mind that humanity has the potential to express the beauty of love, making each moment of life the opportunity to consciously move love in and out of various expressions, cultures, and rhythm. Just as love moves within us, folding in and out within itself, expressing form through emotions and actions so does love move upon and within the earth. Within self-love, we are one with divine potential and its rhythm within humanity. Within self-love, we are living in harmony as an expression of the Earth’s gifts within an effortless capacity to honor ours. It is within self-love that we allow our lives to be defined by love. It is what allows us to care for ourselves, others, experiences, and receive opportunities within our day to day that serves to celebrate our courage, wisdom, and willingness to let go of everything that is not allowing us to live within its expression.

Self- Love is a Gift

Self-love is our gift to reserve life as love. It is the ultimate gift of love because self-love is when love takes form and presents itself within each moment, each relationship, and each opportunity in us. Self-love, amongst many expressions, is the experience of how we interpret our physical qualities, whether it be within the perception of the conscious mind, through the act and interpretation of self-appreciation, or within the interpretation of self-judgment and critical thought. Imagine within this moment feeling pure, unconditional love for your physical form, and no longer judging aspects that you had decided were imperfect and did not serve you. Seeing your physical form only in honor, beauty, and love, enlivening in each part of your body, each cell of your body within the presence of love, through the sensuality of touch, through the cleansing purity of water and through this spontaneous exhilaration of movement.


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