Awakening. Wisdom. Breathe.

Our emotions are the vulnerability needed to integrate the wisdom within the relationship to self, relationship to life, relationship to others and destiny.

It is within emotions, passion, purpose, and destiny that activate as revelation, honor, and humility. Our emotions are key to how we integrate wisdom, quite often overlooked or defined, as something we need to curb, control, understand, calm down, even suppress. But our emotions are the action of our perception. Without our emotions, our perceptions are static, meaningless in the realm of communication. It is our emotions that bring color, passion, meaning, and connection to our daily ideas, thoughts, feelings, aspirations, and interpretations.


Our emotions are our vehicle to expressing the conscious and unconscious mind. They allow us to show the universe how we are feeling about life. They are our vehicle to express feeling, and our feelings are what is reflected to us within the universe, which engages our experiences, and how we will be defined within life.

When we cleanse the perception, we clear all thoughts from feelings, which allows the universe to read your feelings, and mirror your feelings from the perceptive of love. It’s important to remember because right there are the means, in which those that cleanse the perception, are able to attract consistent support within the universe. Support for visions, ideas, expressions of love, destiny, purpose, truth, and abundance.

The Unconscious Mind

Discussing the point that feelings become free of thoughts, become free of expressions. It’s a constant discussion internally, in dissolving the unconscious mind rather than pushing up against it, you can activate a gift which appears to be one of the most valuable gifts that you can receive, to bring speed, clarity, and peace to the awakening of love.

If we are expressing the unconscious mind within our perceived ideas, thoughts, and feelings, then our emotions will also speak these ideas, only beyond speaking them, they will be what animates our perception of others. Life, experiences and opportunities. When we dissolve the unconscious mind, or experience moments where we are free from its interpretation, then our emotions will through our perceived ideas, thoughts and feelings of love and limit our interpretations, inspire new opportunities and awakened wisdom within life.


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