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Get Your Feelz On is a brand that’s aimed at fun, it’s aimed at adventure, it gives you an opportunity to change things that you would be maybe potentially afraid to face and change them within your day-to-day. It gives you a chance to embrace your brokenness.

Get Your Feelz On is an emotional wellness brand that helps individuals change feelings into a more positive experience. It’s very focused on conditions, so things that we feel are dragging us down, whether it’s a divorce, studying at school, past experiences from our childhood, things that kind of plague our happiness, you are able to use the meditations and the Daily Feelz and the Night Light to be able to reconnect to a more positive, uplifting feeling. And it empowers the feeling of self-love.

The living breath process is a theory that discusses our potential to change feelings structure. So it allows us to look at behaviors and the ways that people engage in life and how closely related feelings are and how much they drive these behaviors.

The living breath process is in the Get Your Feelz On program and it allows people to engage in the day-to-day process of combining breath in your inquiry and word sequences to change feelings structure. The living breath process is what we use to research and witness and observe individuals’ transformations. And it’s also enabled us to develop a program which is our signature program, digital program.

GetYourFeelzOn was created from the living breath project. It was a way to create a simplified program for people to access quickly and for all the components to come together that have helped people in the past in a very effective, cost-effective way. It is aimed at creating change through fun and for change to be quick and concise.

It’s a 22-year project. It’s helped nearly 300,000 people nationally in the United States. And people report during that time of feeling very uplifted, they find the transformation is seamless, easy, simple, they don’t get dragged down in process in trying to figure out how to change their lives. They just immediately engage and have this overall uplifting experience in their day to day.

GetYourFeelzOn is about connecting to feelings and cleansing feeling. So we raise our feelings above a 51% capacity to feel love. So rather than having a negative inner dialogue that we’re listening to in our mind on a daily basis, and the negative voice of distrust, GetYourFeelzOn is developed to empower feelings into a positive state. So rather than having a negative inner dialogue, for example, of distrust, we’ll have an overall feeling of trust.

When you have an overall feeling of trust in your life, your outer experiences will change. You’ll attract new relationships, new experiences, new opportunities. When we’re enhancing our feelings for positive feelings, it harmonizes our emotions. So rather than having our emotions filled with agitation, anger, frustration, our emotions are harmonized into how are we best able to support ourselves to feel self-love? And that’s driven through feeling. So the overall benefit of GetYourFeelzOn is to feel emotionally balanced.

The GetYourFeelzOn brand is very unique because it’s directed towards the feeling structure. So what it does is it’ll take a condition like insomnia, and if you listen to the insomnia Night Lights, the word sequences will take away the pattern within your brain that keeps you in that track of insomnia. So it’s almost like a direct hit.

If we sit down to meditate, we may meditate on an overall necessity to change our lives, but when you do a Night Light, when you do a Daily Feelz, you’re doing almost like a laser surgery on a negative inner dialogue or a negative experience because you’re choosing the Night Lights based on the conditions. What makes it unique is that you’re able to target these aspects of ourselves that generally fall under an umbrella of “I wish my life was different” or “My life isn’t where I want it to be.”

A Night Light you listen to while you’re sleeping, so you will choose a Night Light before you went to sleep, they vary for various conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, divorce, chemotherapy, 72 different conditions that you may be facing within your healing environment   and what it does is it stimulates the feeling structure that’s being inhibited by the condition to rise above 51% capacity of self-love, which reawakens your feeling structure to not be trapped in that condition but to be in a state of feeling. An example would be trust versus distrust, agitation versus peace, loyalty versus disloyalty. And so the Night Lights is a way for people to do the program while they’re sleeping and receive the benefits when they’re awake.

The Daily Feelz is a program that takes you 10 minutes a day. It’s based on inner inquiry and conscious breathing exercises where you will answer a question when you sit down to do your program and a Night Light, and when you do that audio track, you consciously breathe a three-part breath with it while you’re hearing single word sequences. And that enables you not to disassociate through the process, but to receive the words and unlock the feeling structure.

It takes 21 sittings to complete a Daily Feelz and it’s a way of going into every single feeling and cleansing it above a 51% capacity.

The significance of 49 Feelz is that the living breath process theory is that we have 49 feeling receptors in the emotional brain that when linked in various patterns can create negative Behaviors.

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