Welcome to the turning point. A turning point is a time at which decisive change in a situation occurs, especially one with beneficial results. Change can be terrifying, dismantling, confusing. Sometimes there can be such an urgency surrounding change that overcaution becomes the block. Sometimes change is so necessary; the fluidity and innovation can be denied because there’s such a need to control against the flow of change to hold onto the issue.

The Difference in Drug Abuse Today

What drives drug abuse today that didn’t in the ’60s, ’20s and centuries before? Why at this time are so many of our youth being affected, hijacked and wiped out? Children, potential partners, wives, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, dads, mothers are choosing to medicate legally or illegally over the comfort to live life. How did this happen? How do we slow it down? And how do these people find help?

Many of us are plagued by frustration, confusion, grief, rage as to how this moment has even happened as we go through our lives consumed by unanswered questions. A popular misconception is that an addict of this type can choose to get help. At some point, they may. However, the dependence of this nature softens the personal will, altering chemical structure within perception to one that supports the need to abuse the drug. Once your perception focuses on supporting this need, your life will provide circumstances to drive the addiction. So personal choice becomes almost a cloud and a far-removed option is to heal. As people lose loved ones and others have to redefine dreams and struggle to maintain hope, we wonder how could this moment ever truly benefit us as a whole, asking the question, can the grief of this moment benefit us eventually? Can it inspire us to move in new directions as a global front, protecting humanity from prescription medication abuse? The outcome and the drastic loss of life may demand it. The deficit to community and our future may become so monumental and sneak up on us in such a way that we couldn’t fathom.

Understand Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is different today as this new cycle for most began with a doctor’s prescription for pain, for pain management, for emotional suppression. Prescription medication abuse has blown out humanity into a global epidemic that has diminished quality of life for individuals, families, and communities through the mindless distribution of pharmaceuticals. Whose fault? Who knows. And frankly, we don’t have time to debate it. As we scramble to implement systems, services that monitor doctors and pharmaceutical distribution of opiates and drugs alike, we strive to implement key changes in vital areas before the collection of new drug users becomes abusers of street drugs. A key oversight in distributing medication of this kind was overlooking the person’s capacity to not abuse the medication as an escape from negative feelings, feelings that challenge our dreams and our overall quality of life. It is heartbreaking to nations that this epidemic is throwing multiple generations into suffering and confusion.

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