The road to personal development is sometimes not an easy one. This is why we find that people are always looking for better ways to interact with others, understand themselves and those around them or just understand what motivates them in the search of improving themselves. There are many books on personal development, but we have made a list of 20 of the best personal development books out there, including some on inspiration, education, and self-empowerment. 

Keep reading to find out how these 20 books can help you improve your life


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People- Stephen R. Covey

In a world where shortcuts, secret deals, and dishonesty are prominent, this classic book conveys a message that the world needs more than ever — and shows you how to apply it in the form of simple, straightforward habits.

7 habits of highly effective people

The Power of Now- Eckhart Tolle

The key takeaway from this book is that you have the ability to change the world one step at a time if you work on transforming yourself from the inside out, an insight that can serve you well for your entire life.

the power of now

Rich Dad, Poor Dad- Robert Kiyosaki

If you want to improve your ability to manage your finances, Rich Dad, Poor Dad is the perfect package of enlightening knowledge and actionable instruction.

rich dad poor dad

Relationship to Emotions- Genie O’Malley

Our emotions are the vulnerability needed to integrate wisdom with the relationship to Self, relationship to life, relationships with others and destiny. It is within emotions that passion, purpose, and destiny activate as revelation, honor, and humility.

relationship topemotions

Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill

This book is the perfect guide to show you insights on how to achieve your dream or a specific goal. 

think and grow rich

How to Win Friends and Influence People- Dale Carnegie

If you want or need to become a better communicator, or simply want to get better at working with people, reading this book. 

how to win friends and influence peiple

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself- Dr. Shad Helmstetter

This classic book, although not considered a personal development book has the ability to completely transform your life by showing you how to master your inner self-talk.

what to say when you talk to yourself

The Power of Positive Thinking- Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

This book is great for anyone looking to get back to basics and learn some of the fundamental lessons that are critical to believing self-confidence and an optimistic mindset.

the power of positive thinking

The Magic of Thinking Big- David J. Schwartz

In this book, you will learn to think big, not settle, and watch as a simple shift in the way you think literally changes your results.

the magic of thinking big

Awaken the Giant Within- Tony Robbins

In this book, the author gives you his best advice for improving your relationships, confidence, finances, and finding your purpose.

awaken the giant within

Daring Greatly- Brené Brown

Researcher and author Brené Brown strikes at the heart of the most important issue of all in this book: our lack of self-worth and struggles with shame.

daring greatly

The Checklist Manifesto- Atul Gawande

You’ll learn how this one small technique, applied intelligently, can become a powerful way to increase self-discipline, combat complexity and overwhelm, and helping us stay on track with our goals and aspirations.

the checklist manifesto

Don’t Shoot The Dog: The New Art of Teaching and Training- Karen Pryor

This book walks through how to implement a range of behavioral strategies — from positive reinforcement to shaping — in order to more easily and effectively modify our behavior that that of those around us.

don't shoot the dog

Goodnight Mind- Colleen Carney and Rachel Manber

This book, written by two of the most prominent insomnia researchers in the world, gives you everything you need to know about getting your sleep back on track in a friendly, straightforward way.

goodnight mind

Clear Mind New Planet- Genie O’Malley

Through Clear Mind New Planet, you will be introduced to the power of ‘dissolving’ the unconscious mind and the information contained within these pages will undoubtedly change your life forever.

clear mind new planet

Mastery- Robert Greene

To become a master over anything in life involves hard work. Greene provides persons willing to embark on the journey towards the mastery of ideas and strategies to help them be successful.


The Obstacle Is The Way- Ryan Holiday

This book is a collection of true stories to inspire anyone who is feeling frustrated with their life.

the obstacle is the way

Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow- Elizabeth Lesser

This book is a testament to the rich potential to heal and grow that each of us possesses within us.

broken open

Complete Earthly Woman: Embrace Life’s Lessons and Celebrate Personal Triumph- Genie O’Malley

Complete Earthly Woman is that aspect of yourself that takes you beyond the daily struggles with pain to the triumph of inner peace, strength, and joy. It uplifts and empowers every woman, especially those suffering from any kind of abuse and the devastating aftermath of trauma, despair, and depression.

complete earthly woman

The Secret- Rhonda Byrne

The secret has been used by many well-known leaders and innovators in history. It has also been found in many religions and philosophies throughout the years. With this book, you will be able to use the secret and apply it to every aspect of your life and tap into the power inside you. 

the secret

So there you have it, our curated list of 20 personal development books that are sure to change your life. We hope this list has been helpful, all that’s left to do is pick the one that speaks to you and start reading!