Free of Negativity- Who Should Practice the Process?

Do you dream to be free of negativity?

Do you dream to be free of stress?

Do you dream of living a purposeful life?

Do you dream to be free of insomnia, fear, and anxiety?

Do you dream to be free of self-judgment?

Do you dream to awaken to love?

Do you dream to be in a continuous expression, moment and presence of wisdom?

Do you dream to be honored, embraced, nurtured and celebrated within life?

Do you dream to be free of identity, either mental or spiritual, and open and able to receive the unlimited potential that is life purpose?

Do you dream to move beyond the past or an emotional connection or disconnection from the past?

Do you dream to be forgiveness, not try to forgive?

Do you dream to experience gratitude beyond a buzz word but as a knowing, humility, and vulnerability through your entire being, consciousness and life.

Do you wish you could dream?

Do you want to go beyond figuring it all out and just BE!

Do you want to be part of an awakening process that is amazing, exciting, a gift that goes beyond the mind and restores hope and celebrates spiritual potential?

Do you want to breathe and hear wisdom loving YOU!

If so – then join us at GetYourFeelzOn™, so that you may be free in life to see your goodness.


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Written by Genie O’Malley

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Genie O’Malley 2008-2018.