Experiencing life as love.

Experiencing life where self-acceptance, forgiveness, silence, compassion, joy, inner knowing and gratitude are harmonized within giving and receiving love.

Awakening the knowingness that wisdom is the expression of spiritual service.

Living within the vulnerability of gratitude.

Bypassing the negative mind as one’s identity.

Witnessing the past as a sequence of events – with limited emotional connection.

Being able to live within the moment and truly celebrate life and the unknown, free of fear.

To have a limited judgment about life and everything that you see in it.

Experiencing life within the vulnerability, authenticity, and wisdom of a child.

To have a limited identity and sit within life willing to experience, celebrate and be still within life.

To awaken the experience that joy just is, and life just is, and the moment is all that is, and that love is all.

To awaken life, tasks, career, family, and relationships to love.

To live within stillness and courage that every moment of life is another breath awakening to the conscious awareness to Universal Consciousness – Love.

To birth wisdom as your life coach, mentor, friend, partner, parent, and guide.


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Written by Genie O’Malley

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Genie O’Malley 2008-2018.