The term ‘the Negative Mind’ is something you will see often within the Feelz Life™ community.

This very idea is the core of our philosophy and awakening process.

Getting to know the Negative Mind is something you will begin to do immediately once you begin to breathe.

Imagine that when you breathe along to your Feelz™, you hear beautiful words, the language of love whilst doing the Living Breath Process™.

After coming out of the breath, you will begin to hear different words, sentences – telling you where things are not.

It may be a negative conversation about yourself, a loved one, your job, your family, a situation or the world.

It will be a negative conversation or comments which are driven by fear, anxiety, stress or trauma, and they are looking for agreement from the rational mind.

Your awareness to this negative conversation is coming from the gift within our awakening process.

This gift, being the several minutes you are listening and breathing within the higher mind of love.

These few minutes of love take you to the position within thought that you are opposite the negative mind and not within the negative mind.

Having this experience will show you as you practice our awareness process that you do not have to engage in mindless thought but simply stay within the moment and witness the thoughts that do not connect you to love.

These negative thoughts are every thought, feeling and emotion that you either witnessed or experienced in the first seven years of your life that are today the collective unconscious.

This is not to say that every thought or experience that you had in the first seven years of your life was negative.

It is just to say that the core of the collective unconscious is developed then.

You may ask, how does the negative mind develop in the first seven years of your life? And the answer is simple.

When a baby is born, it is pure love.

It knows nothing outside of love. The presence of the soul and the oneness and gratitude of the higher mind is strong.

Then when the baby is around 8 months old, duality becomes present.

Now the child can identify that it is a separate being to the things within its environment.

As life is, there are issues regarding safety and appropriate conditions for a baby and small child.

So as the child begins to develop and the soul begins on its journey, limitations due to restrictions, firstly of safety, come into play.

Where the child wants freedom to explore, there are limitations both physically and verbally, provided to the child.

As much as these circumstances may not be at all traumatic for the child, they serve as a limitation to the soul.

Once the feeling of limitation comes over the child, what is said in the moment to the child must be filed into the emotional body.

When we file words and feelings within the emotional body, it is done so through 7 key emotions which are Self-Acceptance, Forgiveness, Silence, Compassion, Celebration, Inner Knowing and Oneness/Gratitude.

The thing to be aware of is that when a soul enters the body, a blueprint or frequency of these emotions is imprinted in the emotional body.

The imprint is however of the higher mind.

When all of these 7 key emotions are speaking the language of love, the individual/soul being is awakened to the higher mind and is operating within Universal Love consciously.

When these 7 key emotions are speaking the negative mind, the individual will suffer from issues within the negative mind such as depression, stress, addiction, anxiety, trauma, disassociation, panic, insomnia and physical and mental dis-ease.

This is what happens simply through mild limitation set into place during the first 7 years of the child’s life.

This happens because let’s say self-acceptance is made up of a frequency of trust as well as 6 other frequencies – then trust becomes dis-trust and the individual past the age of 7 will begin to have this experience.

But let’s go a step further, and let’s say that the limitation of the child is severe, and they are either physically, mentally, emotionally or sexually abused.

Then the emotional body of this child will speak the language of abuse unconsciously and be continually attracting negative mind experiences.

The negative mind will be strong within their lives and the lives of those around them because, in life, we are always attracting ourselves back into our life so we can see what we are unconsciously thinking of ourselves.

The best way to see this is that through life, God will show us who we are and what we believe about ourselves through our circumstances and how the circumstances make us feel.

However, the negative mind will tell us who we are giving us very little option to change situations and making us feel trapped and powerless.

The positive aspect of all of this is that this is the path of awakening.

We enter the body awake, fall asleep to the experience of the negative mind during the ages of 8 months – 7 years.

Then engage the negative mind imprinted within the emotional body through the law of attraction until the rational mind screams enough!

Then we start to look for answers and experiences start to happen.

We are seeking truth and a different experience.

Until the moment when we re-awaken once more.

When I entered the rainforest looking to feel love, that was my one wish, to heal all the pain.

What if I could love?

The question that played over and over within.

If only I could love, I would not be depressed, attempt suicide numerous times, abuse myself and be seriously ill.

If only I could get the abuse out of me.

Soon realizing that the abuse was not in me!

It was simply that my emotional body and the negative mind were in relationship.

Not only that, but within my brain I had overdeveloped the negative receptors and underdeveloped the positive ones.

Life looked difficult.

How can you bypass years of medication, acute anxiety and deep, deep, deep sadness?

It was at this incredible time that our awareness process presented itself to me.

Within an Australian Rainforest, physically alone, with nothing but tears for weeks.

Then one day.

Within all the longing – a voice.

A serene beautiful still embracing voice that said;  “If I said to you that feeling love was as simple as breathing would you do it?”

Then the breath, different, unique, rhythmic – like nothing I had ever done or seen.

Then the first word – “precious”, then the next word, “beauty”, then the next word, “sacred” etc.

For minutes I breathed, rocked, soothed myself within the rhythm of that sacred breath.

Then as I slowly came out of it, there it was, the voice; “What nonsense, you’re an asthmatic you cannot breathe, stop it”.

So I breathed, and there it was, the rhythm, the words and I stopped, and there it was, the negative voice.

It was at that point that I posed the question, if I am hearing two voices one love, one negative, then who am I?

It was within that exact moment the realization to witness thought.

Immediate freedom, there was no past, what past, there was nothing to plan for there was only this moment to be, to experience, to breathe, to dream, to live in complete stillness of love.

So for the next 9 months was the outpouring of wisdom.

The simplicity.

The documented process, the emotional body, physical body healed from everything that sent me in there.

By the time I left I was awakened to love, serving within Universal Consciousness and living and breathing complete devotion within God.

The devotion within God is an aspect of life that I have held onto dearly.

It is a state of being that brought me out of the rainforest and worked with many seeking the same freedom.

It is the books, the online platform, the Feelz™ programs, our outreach programs. It is all life all of the time.

It is this process that we are providing to you within the Feelz™ Digital Emotional Wellness programs.

Living free of the negative mind allows us to serve, awaken, sit within higher mind an aspect of God that is free from the negative thought that allows us to live in love, celebrating the higher values of wisdom, life and consciousness.

It allows us to have a new perspective of past trauma, and the relationship that you have with the negative mind can, in time, dissolve.

You will see that when you choose to visit our educational platform, you’ll find our Feelz™ programs are based on the 7 key emotions.

Within your Feelz™ program, you will be taken into each emotion, and you will clear the negative mind that has imprinted itself, and easily and simply reawaken love.

This year within Feelz Life™ our research team will run different studies to show the effects to an individual.

We will look at the brain during the breath process and how an individual is literally moving from one side of the brain to the other.

We will see new neuro-receptors that speak the language of love developing.

We will study spiritual illumination of the 7 energy centers, and we will study the emotional well-being of various candidates.

What began as an awakening to love within the rainforest is now working within the lives of others, and the magnificent gift of this process is slowly being revealed and celebrated.

If you would like to find out how the soul moves during our awareness process into the essence of love then visit the Soul’s Awareness. Visit out website to learn more at

Written By Genie O’Malley

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Genie O’Malley 2008-2018.