Self Love: Discover the Gift of Universal Love Your Fingertips

Our commitment is to deliver to you the very process that I became aware of in an Australian Rainforest.

To awaken you to the profound stillness, insight and expression of universal love that is within and available to us all.

For twenty-one years, wisdom has developed and redeveloped layers of this mission into a ‘gift’, a gift of self-love awareness that can arrive on your cellphone monthly.

A journey that comes to you as a friend that says, “Let go, awaken and experience life within the pure stillness of breath and the magnificent love of the higher mind.”

After leaving the rainforest and experiencing such profound awakening, wisdom and love, I was diligent to never read or interpret any teachings that could add flavor to my process.

I wanted to serve you purity, simplicity, authenticity and the opportunity for you to participate daily in your own awakening.

What I know to be true is that what will arrive on your cellphone far surpasses a book that defines awakening or celebrates someone’s experience of it.

It provides you with one tool, a means to go beyond the mind and witness thought 24/7.

To me, in the simplicity of my awakening, this seems absolute.

It has not been until my work with others that I now realize the gift in these two qualities and how this authenticity becomes key in experiencing spiritual potential.

What you will experience within your journey through the breath in that awakening is simplicity, and it is simply awareness to love.

Not the love that we speak about in novels and movies, and not the love we wish our partner should or could have given us.

And not a self-gratification love. This is inner love. Universal love that knows no judgment and is the expression of endless wisdom.

Since my journey into the rainforest, it has taken me many years of hearing stories from others and witnessing their suffering, either spiritual suffering in the form of longing, or life suffering in the form of the bondage of negativity, to truly embrace, understand and identify with the many layers of the gift that unfolded.

It is this very ‘gift’ that you will access monthly on your cellphone.

The opportunity for you to use this ‘gift’ is my dream, our dream, that your life will awaken into love and a deep devotion to Universal Consciousness – LOVE.

That all that was given, witnessed and experienced in such simplicity be available to you also.

Let love take you beyond the limitations of what should be healed, should be different and live life in a deep inner union with love.

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Written by Genie O’Malley

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