Win the Battle of Negative Expectations

What Are Your Expectations of Yourself? How much of your day disappears into thoughts of what you did not do?

What you did not achieve?

You may not necessarily act on these thoughts, believe them or encourage them, but they can be still present.

Often to resolve such thoughts, we look to why we are having them.

Dissecting each one, and referring them to some experience or relationship we have had in our lives.

This very process then says that we are the negative thoughts and what comes with them and that we need to fix ourselves so the thoughts do not come.

What if you could live just witnessing thoughts?

What if when negative or limiting thoughts came you were able to remain still within yourself not engaging?

Imagine if you had to love yourself unconditionally right now in this moment?

Imagine if you could not force change, you were not allowed to judge yourself into change, fixing who you were.

What if you had to, right now in this moment connect to inner love, and just keep moving in and in and in to a source of love and wisdom, that set you free from the past and placed you within this moment?

What if you had no expectations of yourself and you lived in love celebrating yourself?

Could the universe then respond this way?

If we say what we need to change, the universe will send support to continue seeking that change.

It may not even send the change, just keep sending the reason to make it.

If we connect to love and embrace ourselves within our vulnerability, the universe will send a reason to love ourselves and reason to celebrate that love.

It will move you further and further within, to a sanctuary of self-love that cannot be swayed, taken or diluted by negativity.

Let go of expectations and allow life to unfold.

Within our Feelz™ programs, you will cease to have expectations, and you will feel love.

Therefore believe that you are that.

You will witness thoughts and move through life not in the shroud of expectations and change, but in honor for your vulnerability, your spiritual essence within this moment.

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Written by Genie O’Malley

Copyright © All Rights Reserved Genie O’Malley 2008-2018.