Why You Need to Be Free to Dream and Learn to Understand Dreaming

Then I would ask well who is me?

Is me the present, the moment, or the future?

Dreaming in our lives can take many different forms. We can daydream, we can dream while we are sleeping, and we can be consciously dreaming or unconsciously dreaming, either way, our dreaming states both reflect and create who we are.

Dreaming is like painting a picture.

Who I am as the artist guides my picture.

Many artists draw from deep feelings, emotions and life experiences to create.

The creative process is very much about how we feel about who we are, and mainly feelings that are hidden, unconscious.

When I ask you who is dreaming your dream, we are speaking of your spirit, your soul or the past.

Take a moment to reflect; is the emotional body that has stored all of your past experiences dreaming any part of your dream?

See pain and negativity have expectations of how life will turn out.

Wisdom does not expect anything, it will just stay within each moment and live in trust that each experience is part of the journey home.

Pain and negativity will expect itself at every corner because it only knows itself.

It cannot see love, hope, potential or opportunity.

Wisdom will celebrate hope, potential, and opportunity because it is that.

If you look at your life and what experiences await you at each corner in your life, what would you say?

Is it pain, limitation, lack, and negativity?

Is the expectation that life is difficult?

Are you too busy trying to find solutions to problems in your life, with no time left to consciously dream of hope and potential?

Have you lost your dream, too afraid to speak out your dream of purpose and destiny?

Maybe you do have a dream, maybe you dream often and maybe you know that potential and hope are very real.

But maybe as you begin to move forward into your calling, the limitations come, the struggle, the spiritual process as it is called comes upon you, and you spend a great deal of time trying to heal, overcome and change to accommodate spiritual direction.

From this moment on, take the steps to let your soul dream your dream.

Let your purpose be born within your breath.

Move beyond the obstacles and allow love to melt all delusion of pain.

Bring your life out of the past and into the moment.

Cease to try to fix and understand it all.

Does it matter, or does this moment matter?

Connect to life within this moment, and allow wisdom to dissolve negativity within love.

Learn to love, experience love within this moment and set your soul free to Dream.


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